Sunday, April 24, 2016

Flosstube #16: Did Anyone Miss Me?

Watch video on YouTube here:
via TheCrossStitchGeek


I don't know what happened guys, with the random videos. I know I should be checking my blog more often than I do, but honestly I figured that with me dropping off the face of the blogosphere I didn't have to.

But, apparently, the IFTTT recipe that autoposted my Flosstube videos to the blog freaked out and ran when some other random YouTuber uploaded videos, I don't even know how that was possible. (I even double checked my Flosstube channel, no uploads. And the videos that posted are still live on YouTube.)

I only noticed it when I went to double check that I had an IFTTT recipe for that, and saw it was last run on February 18th of this year, which didn't make sense as my last upload on my YouTube channel was September 13th of last year.

I've edited my IFTTT settings to relink my Flosstube channel properly so hopefully it doesn't happen again. And if it does, they're getting a sternly worded email from me. I've also deleted the posts here.

So, back to regularly scheduled (or irregularly scheduled, as is my MO) stitchy stuff!