Saturday, August 29, 2015

I Am Crazy Behind!

So remember when I said I wouldn't let my YouTube channel get in the way of posting to the blog? Well it happened anyway. I haven't even been posting the videos themselves to this blog and I'm sorry.

Before I post the backlog of Flosstube videos 4-10 (yes, that many!) I have two FFOs to show you!

NY Jets Logo
 I finally finished my Dad's birthday gift and FFOed it into a no sew pillow! I'm very happy with how this turned out! This was also done for August ABCs in Stitch Maynia on Facebook.

Plan Ahead
This one was too funny! I saw it on Cyberstitchers and couldn't resist. It was a quick stitch, and after I realized how small it was, I decided to FFO it as a bookmark. Just need a book, haha!

I also framed Sweet Hearts and Tribal Dolphin, so they are now FFOs as well, but I don't have pictures of the framing jobs.

And now, for your watching pleasure, 7 Flosstube videos uploaded by Yours Truly:

This one includes my framing jobs for Tribal Dolphin and Sweet Hearts, FYI.

And there we go! All caught up. And going forward, I now have an IFTTT recipe set up so new videos get posted automagically to the blog, so at the very least you'll get new videos as they're posted. Huzzah!

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