Sunday, August 9, 2015

WIP Update. Yes, one of those! I do actually stitch stuff!

There was supposed to be a video accompanying this post, but I'm running a bit out of time so I'm doing the post now, and then getting the video recorded. I'll do a separate post, probably tomorrow, for the video (cause it'll have more than a WIP Update).

Anyway, here we go with WIPs!

Coffee Buzz
A new start! I found this freebie searching for something to stitch for the Stitch Maynia (just joined the group last week!) on Facebook. They're doing an ABC Stitchalong for August, so anything that has letters or words on it works.

Summer Mystery Sampler
This is a mystery sampler put on by Natalia of With My Threads. Each week she emails us with a set of 20x60 pieces of the sampler. This week was week one and I almost got it done. Just need to finish the starfish and add the French knots. Oh well, just a little more to do next week, I guess!

Coffee Buzz and Summer Mystery Sampler are my first two pieces on 22 count. I'm not entirely sure how I feel about it just yet. It's cooperated for Coffee Buzz... not so much for Summer Mystery Sampler. *sigh*

NY Jets logo
 This is one I'm doing for my dad's birthday. He is the biggest NY Jets fan, and I've had this dark green aida for years (in fact I bought it, in 2010, to do this exact piece but never got around to it). I'm going to turn this into a pillow, I think.

Butterflies Mahaon
I got some work done on Butterflies Mahaon too! I got all of the 745 from the second page done, pretty happy about that. When I get paid on the 21st (first check from the new job woo!) I'm going to pick up the beads I need so then I will have everything I need for this.


  1. Wonderful progress on everything, Erika! I really must get caught up on my FlossTube watching. I love the Coffee piece; that's on my To Stitch list for January. You got a lot further than me on the Summer Mystery SAL; I still have to do the rest of the third block, the French knots, and the back stitching on the sun.